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The Companion
Abstract Clouds
Light Behind the Lies Ebook.jpg

Light Behind the Lies

Tangerine Sky Book #1
  • Brother's Best Friend

  • Single Parent

  • Enemies to Lovers

  • Found Family

  • Friends with Benefits

  • Dual POV

Inside the cover

Mason- My mother left me and my dad when I was three. I spent my childhood believing that women could not be trusted and that I needed to proceed with caution. Until high school that is. Suddenly as a teenager, girls were throwing themselves at me. Call it puberty or clear disinterest in them that left most pining for me. By the time I got to college, I reveled in it. I had no feelings, no emotions with them, I’d give them a quick ride, then send them on their way. Except one. My best friend’s sister. Bailey- One might say that I was the perfect daughter and sister. I did everything right until I didn't. I never expected to fall for a guy like my ex-boyfriend and the ramifications of that relationship's demise would change my life forever. That's one of the reasons why I became a flight attendant. I craved to have my freedom back. It wasn’t until I finally felt like everything was under control and that I had things figured out, that my life would truly be turned on its side. And the only one I have to blame is my brother’s best friend.

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Abstract Clouds
LBTI - ebook.jpg

Love Beyond the Illusion

Tangerine Sky Book #2
  • Accidental marriage in Vegas

  • Opposites Attract

  • Forced Proximity 

  • "My Wife"

  • One Bed

  • Toy Play

  • Slow Burn 

  • Dual POV

Inside the cover

Jack- Trapped by the chains of duty, I was destined to spend my life running my family’s winery. One problem–I craved something different. That’s why when I left for college, I didn’t come back. Now, with the unexpected passing of my father, I’m set to return to the same town I left almost ten years ago. Staring down the narrow tunnel of my future, I realize my life would no longer be mine. But a missed flight and a drunken night led me to question everything I’d believed in. Does what happens in Vegas really stay in Vegas? Piper- I didn’t grow up in a typical, loving family. Raised to believe my worth was what I could offer someone else, I struggle to connect with people emotionally. I hide my true self, often masking it under spontaneity and impulsivity. But when I cross paths with a man who could not be more opposite than me, all that changes. One missed flight. One night in Vegas. And an all too easy arrangement under the illusion of love. Our connection was supposed to be for show–wasn’t it?

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