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The Companion

Expected Release Date: May 2023
    • Friends to lovers
    • Paranormal Twist
    • HEA
  • Registered nurse Evelyn Sanders leaves her hometown to escape the memories of her losing both her parents. After transferring to San Francisco, she begins working the night shift at the new hospital. A typical night at work turns into a night she’ll never forget, when she unknowingly gets off the elevator on the wrong floor and by chance meets a mysterious man. Little does Evelyn know that this man is unlike any other as he has been dead for almost twenty- five years. This man, a travel companion for dying souls, is just as intrigued by her as she is by him. Stuck between the living and the dead, his soul's purpose is to assist others as they begin their final journey to the other side. When Evelyn’s life collides with his, it shakes her to her core, forcing her to open herself up, face her demons and see how magical life can be. But soon things become complicated when they can no longer deny the feelings that rage between them. She is terrified  by the question that plagues her mind. How can she have a future with a man whose life is already over?

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